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Amazon Music comes to Windows 10

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  • Amazon Music is now available on the Windows 10 app
  • Amazon previously announced that the Alexa virtual
    assistant is coming to certain Windows 10 PCs, leaving the door
    open for more to come. 
  • While the PC market is shrinking overall, Microsoft
    says that there are now over 600 million Windows 10 devices out
    in the wild.
  • Spotify is already available from the Windows Store,
    with Apple promising that a version of iTunes is on the

Amazon is bringing its popular Amazon Music streaming service to
Windows 10. To cut to the chase: If you want it, you can
get the app from the Windows Store here

In a broader sense, it’s part of a big play that
Amazon is making for the Windows 10 PC

In January, Amazon announced that its Alexa virtual assistant
would be built in to some new PCs from manufacturers including
HP, Acer, and Asus. While Amazon hasn’t announced anything
specifically, that news puts it within the realm of possibility
that Amazon could release Alexa as a standalone Windows app, too.
Besides, playing music is already a tremendously popular feature
of the Alexa agent; having a full Amazon Music app too just makes

On the one hand, the move to launch Amazon Music on Windows 10
seems counterintuitive. The PC market is shrinking, while
Amazon’s own hardware businesses — like the
Alexa-powered Echo speakers
and its
Kindle Fire tablets
— are booming, according to all available

And yet, Windows 10 is still a massive market. Microsoft
says in a blog post
that there are now over 600 million
Windows 10 PCs out there. That gives Amazon a big market to
address, which
could help it gain ground on Spotify and Apple Music
, the
first- and second-place most popular streaming services,
respectively. Notably, Spotify is already available on the
Windows Store, with a delayed Apple iTunes app coming soon.

Plus, Microsoft is still a major player in the demographic that
every media company wants: Young people. While Google’s low-cost
Chromebooks dominate the educational market in the United States,
Windows is overall the most popular operating system in
classrooms around the world.

In the bigger picture, too, Microsoft is
reportedly pushing “S Mode”
— a Windows 10 feature that
grants improvements to battery life and performance, with the
tradeoff that you can only install software from the Windows
Store. If Microsoft’s ambitions are fulfilled and “S Mode” comes
to many more PCs, it’ll behoove Amazon, Apple, and Spotify to all
have apps on the Windows Store, or else risk losing access to
those users.

As for Microsoft itself, it doesn’t really have a horse in this
race. The company shuttered its own Groove Music streaming
service in 2017, offering users a way to migrate their playlists
to Spotify. And Microsoft and Amazon had previously announced an
integration between Alexa and the Microsoft Cortana smart agent,

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