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Best sedans on market, reviewed

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  • SUVs have been surging, but there are still plenty of great sedans on the market.
  • We’ve driven many four-doors over the past few years.
  • Here are 12 of our favorites.

One of the big stories in the car business over the past two years has been the realignment of sales in the US. Pickup trucks have always done well, but as the market was setting records in 2016 and 2017, SUVs were moving up while sedans were moving down.

Four-doors aren’t the be-all, end-all products they once were, for both mass-market and luxury brands. But for luxury brands in particular, mainstays such as the BMW 3-Series and the Mercedes S-Class have been watching as their SUV counterparts capture new buyers.

Does that mean that sedan is dying? Not really. Ask anybody in the industry and they’ll tell you that Toyota Camrys and Honda Accords and even Chevy Malibus are still important vehicles. Audi continues to take four-doors seriously. But it’s also clear that a customer can now start out with a small SUV and work his or her way all they up to a big one, and never look twice at a sedan.

Too bad, as there are some great ones for sale. We rounded up a dozen of the best:

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