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Bitcoin-themed pop group is taking Japan by storm

The Virtual Currency Girls perform in Tokyo in January.Kim Kyung Hoon/Reuters There’s a new Japanese girl group called “Virtual Currency Girls” who sing about cryptocurrency.   Each of the eight women represents a different digital currency such as bitcoin and ripple. They aim to educate the public in a fun way …

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How to know if you are an ’empath’

Oliver Pacas / Unsplash People who are very receptive to the emotions of others are known as empaths. They are also very sensitive to noise, smell, and being around people. This means they are overwhelmed in crowds, and get exhausted in social situations. Psychiatrist Judith Orloff, an empath herself, works …

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Why marriages fail when couples become emotionally distant

It’s a slippery slope toward divorce. nenetus/Shutterstock Michael McNulty, PhD, studied why marriages fail and found that when one or both partners have checked out of a relationship, it could mean a breakup is near. That stage is typically preceded by negativity, contempt, and emotional overwhelm. You have the best …

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Day in the life of Tibetan Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard

Matthieu Ricard calls the Himalayas of Nepal his home.Jim Brandenburg via Shechen Archive Matthieu Ricard is a Tibetan Buddhist monk and Dalai Lama associate who became globally renowned for his bestselling books and popular presentations on happiness. He (unwillingly) gained the title of “happiest man in the world” from the …

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