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HomePod leaves white marks on some wooden surfaces, Apple admits


  • Some reviewers of Apple’s new $350 smart speaker, HomePod, have noticed that the device can leave behind white rings on certain wooden surfaces.
  • Apple confirmed to two outlets that HomePod can damage oiled wooden surfaces thanks to a reaction with the device’s silicone base.
  • While the marks may fade over time, it’s possible that the surfaces would need to be re-sanded to remove the damage altogether.

Early reviewers of Apple’s new HomePod smart speaker have noticed an issue with the $350 device: it can leave white rings on some wooden surfaces.

Reviewers at two publications — Wirecutter and Pocket Lint— noticed that HomePod left behind a semi-permanent white ring on certain wooden tables and countertops. Both publications noticed that HomePod doesn’t leave rings on every type of wooden surface. Instead, it seems to affect countertops or tables that have been treated with oil.

Apple confirmed to both publications that the device can causes damage to some surfaces, but noted that the marks should fade over time.

Here’s how Pocket Lint described it:

“When questioned, Apple told us it was ‘not unusual’ for a speaker with a silicone base to leave a ‘mild mark’ when placed on certain oil or wax based wood finished surfaces, suggesting the marks are caused by oils diffusing between the silicone base and the table surface.”

Apple told Wirecutter that “cleaning the surface with the manufacturer’s suggested oiling method” should remove the marks. If not, refinishing the surface altogether would solve the issue — though that isn’t a great option for anyone with high-end furniture.

As Apple pointed out, this likely isn’t a HomePod-specific issue. Twitter user Ted Landau tweeted that the same thing happened to him while using an Echo Dot, and putting a cork coaster underneath the device solved the issue.

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