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Lakers reportedly don’t support Luke Walton, may target David Fizdale

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  • The Los Angeles Lakers have remained silent since LaVar
    Ball said that players no longer want to play for head coach
    Luke Walton.
  • According to one ESPN reporter, the silence is an
    indication that Walton doesn’t have full support from the
  • The NBA world has reportedly been whispering about the
    Lakers replacing Walton with David Fizdale, one of LeBron
    James’ favorite coaches.

The Los Angeles Lakers have remained silent since LaVar Ball said
head coach Luke Walton has lost the team, and that silence may be
an indictment.

In an
interview with ESPN
, Ball, the father of Lakers rookie guard
Lonzo, said the Lakers don’t want to play for Walton anymore.

people around the NBA condemned Ball’s comments
 — and
ESPN for covering them — there may be some truth to it, according
to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst.

Windhorst joined
“The Rich Eisen Show”
on Friday and said Ball revealed that
the Lakers don’t fully support Walton.

“Whatever you want to say about LaVar Ball, he has smoked out the
fact that the Lakers do not support Luke Walton,” Windhorst said.
“And that is now crystal clear. And there are now guys out there
wondering, openly to me, executives, coaching agents, ‘I wonder
who the Lakers are going to hire as their next coach.’

“That has been revealed here, that they do not have unconditional
support for Luke.”

Windhorst then gave a hint about who the Lakers could be
targeting next if they let go of Walton.

“Who has LeBron tweeted about most recently?” Windhorst asked,
before continuing, “Los Angeles native David Fizdale.”

James played under Fizdale with the Miami Heat. When
Fizdale was fired as head coach of the Memphis Grizzlies

early in the 2017-18 NBA season,
James tweeted
: “I need some answers. Feels like my man was a
fall guy.”

Windhorst said the Fizdale rumors could be just that, but that
it’s a hot topic in NBA circles.

“I’ve got executives in my ear, I’ve got agents in my ear,
saying, ‘Oh yeah, they’re probably gonna hire David Fizdale.’ And
again, it may not be true, they may intend to keep Luke and David
Fizdale may not even want the job … but by not speaking about
[Ball’s comments], I think it’s festered. This is what’s

Rumors have been circulating that
James could target the Lakers
in free agency this summer.
While there haven’t been reports prior to now that the Lakers are
actually unhappy with Walton, to some, the silence is deafening.
If they plan to let go of Walton, perhaps they believe Fizdale
would be a magnet for James.

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