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LOVE statue’s back in Philadelphia, see it restored to original colors

Philadelphia Mayor W. Wilson Goode right, talks with Pennsylvania Democratic state chairman Edward Mezvinsky, Oct. 17, 1984 in Philadelphia.

AP Photo/George Widman

Over the years, people have become obsessed with gathering beneath the famous L-O-V-E sculpture that towers over tourists’ and locals’ heads in Philadelphia. Some see the six-foot-tall statue as an iconic symbol of the city. It’s been the backdrop for countless politicians’ photo ops, played host to skateboarding rebels cruising by, and today the place is a selfie-snappers destination, too.

On Tuesday, the famous L-O-V-E sculpture was paraded around town before finally being re-installed in the ‘Love Park,’ more officially known as John F. Kennedy Plaza.

The statue spent about a year away from its nesting grounds, sitting at nearby city hall as the park was renovated.

But this week, after a reported $67,000 makeover, according to CBS, it’s back and restored to a more original hue, perched atop a brand new rectangular pedestal. Take a look at how the iconic piece of art has changed shades since it first arrived in Philly in 1976, and how the symbol, and its visitors, have evolved over more than 40 years together.

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