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Real stories of office romance

“My first date with Austin was kind of an accident. Three of us coworkers were scheduled to attend a football game when one cancelled at the last minute. I had actually gone on a date that same morning with a different coworker and was very bummed that things didn’t seem to be progressing with that person (it was our fifth date and he didn’t even hug or kiss me goodbye).

“When I showed up to the football game that night with Austin, within the first five minutes, I found myself hoping it was a date. He was already more affectionate in the first five minutes of our non-date than my other coworker had been after five dates.

“That night, Austin told a random person at a bar that I was beautiful and that’s when I knew. He claims he knew when I showed up at the football game wearing a Binocular Flask. After that night, Austin and I were inseparable spending all of our time together and going on tons of dates. I never went on a date with the other coworker after that night, and told him I had started seeing someone else (I left out that it was another coworker).

“Austin and I kept things very secret at work because we both had the same boss, and worked very closely with each other, so we weren’t sure how people would react, and we wanted to avoid people constantly giving us a hard time. Slowly, we started telling our close friends from work that we saw outside of work. Some we told by choice, and others we told because they caught us outside of work or on the train together. One coworker we didn’t tell for a while, and she spent a few months hitting on Austin daily, which we both found very entertaining. After about eight months of dating, we decided to move from Chicago to Atlanta together, with Austin staying at our company, and me leaving the company. That was when we finally told everyone that we were dating!

“Some were shocked, others say they knew all along but were just waiting until we told them! Six months into living in Atlanta, I was recruited to come back to the company as well… so we were coworkers again, but this time both working from home at our shared apartment in Atlanta. Flash-forward another six months and we both moved back to Chicago with the same company. We were still dating, but this time it was quite out in the open. We have been together now for over three years, we bought a house together, and Austin proposed about three months ago. We are super excited to accidentally get each other’s emails all of the time, once we both have the same last name!” — Annie, 27, Chicago, sporting goods

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