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The weirdest jobs of US presidents

Ronald Reagan saved a total of 77 people while working as a lifeguard.
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• Many US presidents ascended to the White House with a background in law or politics, or a record of military service.

• But, over the course of history, some presidents have held down rather unusual jobs.

• From bartenders to Hollywood actors, here’s a look at some of the weirdest roles presidents had on their résumés.

Picture the résumé of an average US president.

It likely starts off with a degree from a top school, and includes a stint working in law or Congress. It might even feature some military service.

But the presidents on this list have a few unconventional gigs to add to their experience. At some point in their lives, these 17 presidents tended bars, crafted toys, and even personally hung criminals. Whether or not these odd jobs helped prepare them to take on the White House remains to be seen.

Here are the 17 weirdest jobs of US presidents:

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