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What it’s like to eat like Trump for a week

Dennis Burger 2By the end of my week-long ordeal, I was pretty tired of fast food.Hollis Johnson

  • President Donald Trump has a notoriously bad diet full of fast food and high-calorie meals.
  • I ate like he might eat for a week, just to see what it would be like. 
  • It was as miserable as I expected.

Much has been written and said about President Donald Trump’s diet.

From the fact that his “major food groups” are McDonald’s, KFC, pizza, and Diet Coke, to the report that he tries to avoid non-chain restaurants out of a fear of being poisoned, it’s fair to say that Trump has some very specific tastes.

It’s also fair to say that it’s not very healthy. According to Corey Lewandowski, his former campaign manger and author of the book “Let Trump Be Trump,” Trump would usually go 14 to 16 hours without eating, then have a full McDonald’s meal of two Big Macs, two Filet-O-Fish, and a small chocolate shake for dinner, totaling 2,430 calories.

He also says he doesn’t eat breakfast that often, and if he can, he avoids it. Lewandowski added that Trump doesn’t eat the bread of his sandwiches, and it’s previously been reported that he avoids eating the crust of pizza. He orders his steaks — his favorite food — well done, with a side of ketchup.

If this reminds you of the eating habits of anyone you know, they’re probably not old enough to drive.

For beverages, Trump does not drink tea, coffee, alcohol, or anything stimulating. He has only one true love: Diet Coke. He reportedly drinks 12 of them a day.

Taking all that into account, I had only one thought: That all sounds awful. I’ve got to try it.

So began my ambitious, foolhardy, and treacherous journey into the mind of Trump — through his stomach — by eating like he eats for a week. For the trial, I stuck to food items that Trump has been photographed eating, has said in interviews that he eats, or has been reported to eat regularly.

I can’t say I learned a lot about Trump, but I definitely learned something about myself.

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