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What no one tells you about having kids

“One person told me something that shocked me. That I didn’t, just couldn’t, wouldn’t believe. …

“They said, ‘you might not love your children right away. though your animal instincts will kick in whether you do or not, and you’ll easily want to, and be able to kill anyone who even looks at them funny, that fairy book tale, chick flick, Bridget Jones’s Baby adoration, as if flipping a switch, may not happen.

“and it may take years before it does’

“Truth. It took me almost two years of turning the ‘this is what it was like before/this is how it is now’ coin over and over again in my mind to accept, adapt, want, yearn for, and then unconditionally love my children with a love up to the moon and back forever without end.

“There are no words for the fierceness with which I have loved them since.”

Janine Darling

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